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Aging, fatigue, disease, weight gain, headaches, low libido, autoimmunity and many other conditions can be reversed with optimized, individualized nutritional support that boosts your metabolic cellular function. The link between diet and health is clear: getting the nutrition that is right for your individual body will help prevent and treat suboptimal health. Your Metabolic Blueprint targets specific needs by integrating powerful nutritional metabolic testing, customized and compounded nutrients, and customized food guidelines into a single innovative tool offering customized intervention options.

The foods you eat provide fuel for your body. The nutrients you consume each day are your body’s source of raw materials. A shortage of any nutrient can shut down the “assembly lines” that are your body’s biochemical pathways.

Each person’s body has unique needs called bio-individuality. The Metabolic Blueprint customizes diet, vitamins, minerals and amino acids to fit your body's unique metabolic needs. The Metabolic Blueprint optimizes wellness and helps prevent disease states from occurring and may reverse the cellular and metabolic aging process.

Why should I get my Metabolic Blueprint?

The Metabolic Blueprint reveals your body’s unique needs by combining information from measurements of digestion, nutrients and vitamin and mineral deficiency as well as cell and organ dysfunction.

The Metabolic Blueprint evaluates your ability to burn fuel (foods) and create energy at the cellular level. To burn carbohydrates, fats and metabolize protein requires nutrients such as B-vitamins, CO Q10, lipoic acid, minerals and carnitine to name a few. All of these nutrients come from foods but may be in short supply based on your personal metabolic blueprint. Nutrient needs are highly individualized -- just like you.

The Metabolic Blueprint can determine where you might be missing nutrients that affect your unique ability to burn fat or fight fatigue. The Metabolic Blueprint evaluates your amino acid profile. Amino acids are the “building blocks” of proteins that factor in chemical processes affecting physical, mental and emotional biochemical reactions such as improving serotonin levels and cellular energy.

The Metabolic Blueprint includes an evaluation of the top 30 foods that are associated with “delayed” food reactions that can worsen or may contribute to many different health problems, such as inflammatory bowel disease, ADD/ADHD, skin problems, fatigue, migraine/headaches and more.

Based on your Metabolic Blueprint lab test, you will receive a comprehensive report and program to optimize your nutrition, supplementation, lifestyle and diet to correct your metabolic issues resulting in optimal health. No more one size fits all diets and supplements. The Metabolic Blueprint is tailored specifically to your body and your metabolic needs.

Your Metabolic Blueprint™ Snapshot will contain all of the laboratory results, your health history and a complete report explaining the test results in detail so you understand your body’s blueprint.

In your Metabolic Blueprint™ Meal Plan, we will develop your unique eating guidelines reflecting your unique metabolic needs, lifestyle and goals based on your lab results including plans to manage hormones and increase natural weight loss or maintain your ideal body weight.

Your Metabolic Blueprint™ Supplement Plan details exactly what nutrients and enzymes your body needs -- nothing more, nothing less. Your supplement plan includes custom, compounded nutrients that correct your individual metabolic issues -- based on your lab results. No two people are alike, and your supplements should not be either! Your Metabolic Blueprint is unique, exact and personalized!